The Spectacle Campaign: Standing Out to Fit in My Future Job from Katelyn Oliver on Vimeo.

Dear Future Employer,

Thanks for stopping by to see how excited and qualified I am to work for you! Hopefully, I’ll talk to you soon, but until then offers a little bit about me.

To begin with, I grew up on a farm in a small east Texas town. That’s right,  the area that has become familiar to many, by Big Bang Theory’s unique character Sheldon Cooper. An east Texas childhood is very distinct. After all, European football is believed to be a commie plot, creationism still dominates in high school science class and one was generally taught a very exclusive way to clean chicken gizzards in Texas’ finest poultry community. Yummy. And because of many more idiosyncratic customs and beliefs I, like Sheldon Cooper, have a unique take on life, humor, pain and humanity.

Another bi-product of my rural upbringing that should directly contribute to my appealing qualities as an employee is my work ethic. I can still hear my father say,  “You can do anything, but anything worth doing is worth doing right.”  You see, unlike Sheldon Cooper most things I do the first time are far from perfect and require a lot of creative thinking and mental endurance. It turns out that motto said to me as a child was more than just a chore quality motivator. Since when did childhood lessons transfer to an adult’s world?

And unlike Sheldon Cooper, to most I am a delight to work with and still have a good-ol’ east Texan accent when I drink.